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Core Value

Unimpeded workflow, ease-of-use, exponential growth

Main Affordance

Employee: Able to improve patient experiences based on system-curated performance metrics and related coaching content.

Agility + Analytics x Automation = Exponential Growth for the Staff and the Organization

Data-based decision making brings companies and their employees confidence and a new level of intelligence in how they’re driving change in their perspective fields. Capgemini Research Institute reports 50% of business decision-making is data-driven, and companies that strategically harness data are 22% more profitable on average than their rivals. Life Seed harnesses data intelligence as one of its central tools to improve all parts of your business.

Dental companies that stay ahead of the curve leverage their ability to rapidly spot and predict emerging changes in the operating environment and staff morale. Data is now the lifeblood of modern organizations. From automating processes to automating analytics and utilizing intelligent algorithms, Life Seed solves pressing problems with less time and effort to drive greater agility, greater adaptability, and greater profits.

It isn’t enough to just present data. It’s vital to be able to quickly discern the most meaningful data and then tell a story. With the recent advancements, algorithms and data automation can be used to provide customized and individualized feedback. We need to give users a narrower set of choices. Figuring out the right choices, for the right reasons, at the right time, to the right extent is difficult. Life Seed has a deep domain understanding of how employees work in a dental office, and even more importantly, why. Life Seed solutions reflect on the pain points employees record and the software returns solutions that help solve their problems and provide narratives for other employees to learn from.

Without a knowledgeable staff, an A-player team, evolving systems and coordinated processes, are often distracted fixing mistakes and fighting fires instead of growing and scaling the business which leads to burn out.

The best way to stay ahead of disruptive events is to enable low-friction interaction between domain experts and high-quality information. Life Seed provides an easy way to extract custom insights for your practice. It enriches and customizes raw data with principles derived from challenges and mistakes encountered by other dentists for the past two decades to create algorithms that your company will benefit from. These curated system narratives will save time and energy, compensate for any lack of knowledge, add confidence, in addition to providing insights that allow dental staff to serve in a more expanded capacity. Life Seed tools will elucidate urgent and chronic problems in operations, identify underlying root causes and build customized systems that simplify and streamline processes to deliver predictable, repeatable and efficient business outcomes for your dental office.

Life Seed empowers the staff to become data literate and participate in the creation of evolving systems and processes innate to the dental industry. Using the practice’s data, we uncover trends, relationships and anomalies to create a platform that helps dentists and staff to see, understand and act on their data in order to answer critical questions and solve problems about their business from operations to staff management.

Analytics solutions upskill workers into data-literate knowledge workers. With the right insights, powered by Life Seed, your entire team can drive organizational transformation right alongside you. This easy-to-use software platform can create powerful automation capabilities to be quickly deployed across the organization providing access to game-changing business insights—in literally minutes. Life Seed gives every employee in your company the power to innovate and drive huge breakthroughs by democratizing the business of data science at enterprise scale.

Dentistry is not individualistic but, rather, team dependent. And people can have emotional, knowledge or relational based challenges, after all, we are human. Life Seed uncovers new cost-efficient and high-performance systems and processes of solving difficult and expensive human challenges which avoid costly mistakes and improve service quality.

Feedback loops that are based on our own empiric data, along with automation insights allow the team to become autonomous and engaged, propelling the entire company of employees to become an A-player team in record time.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that not just data but actionable insights coupled with automation is power in the new economy—and your organization’s survival will only become more dependent on access to data and the ability to draw on its key findings going forward.

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