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Employee: Drive to create healthier relationships with work and colleagues. Practice owner builds a more resilient team and increases employee retention.

Main Affordance

Employee: Able to make decisions and take action based on easy-to-understand data visualizations and statistically generated growth mindset recommendations that improves their self-belief and emotional state at work over time.

Practice Owner: Able to make informed decisions at individual levels or at the practice level to improve the emotional well-being of their employees.

How Life Seed Perceives Possible

People are the lifeblood of any business, they will make or break the business!

Life Seed helps a small business owner see the value of prioritizing Human Resources as a strategy which many businesses may see as a second or third priority. Businesses normally tent to focus on client acquisition and economic survival by maximizing the bottom line which translates to maximizing revenue and minimizing expenses.

Statistics show that employers who view their employees as their most important asset are almost always more profitable. This requires employers to approach HR as a strategic initiative and not as an expense. Embracing this is made more difficult because payback on HR investments is not immediate. It takes time and discipline to be realized.

Enhanced productivity initiatives such as HR efficiencies can be systemized through technology, employee training and professional development. These are the strategies that effectively impact a business over time. HR strategies start with being able to attract and retain skilled people.

Compensation and benefits offerings are essential to attract employees but retaining them is key to long-term success. The cost of turnover can be crippling to a business, especially in a competitive labor market where skilled employees are hard to find. The actual costs vary but the Society of Human Resource Management estimates the cost to replace a single salaried employee is between 6-9 month’s salary. So, for a person earning $60,000 per year, that could total between $30,000- $45,000, and that does not include the effect on productivity and employee morale which is difficult to quantify. The higher the salary or more specialized the skill, the turnover cost is increasingly higher.

How do you retain those hard-to-find employees? What tangible and intangible elements can shape employee behavior and motivation? These questions should be a central priority. Life Seed does this with data-based solutions, specialized for individual office needs.

Human Based Connection, Effort, Data and Technology

It takes a tremendous effort to deliver and coordinate patient care. A large part of success stems from what’s happening in the mind. When small defeats challenge us it creates unhealthy mental wellness. Over time this can drain employees and owners to develop tunnel vision. “Panic causes tunnel vision. Calm acceptance of danger allows us to more easily assess the situation and see the options.” – Simon Sinek

According to Gallup, 64% of employees are disengaged in the workplace. Trade Press Services noted that 85% of employees are more engaged when internal communication is effective—workers in the top quartile of engagement, according to separate research from Gallup, impact the bottom line by 21%.

The key to driving business growth is through authentic human connection. Life Seed’s solutions are human-centered. It integrates the needs of people leveraging its intelligent data-based technology with empathy, transparency and employee acknowledgment.

Nurturing an office is critical. Life Seed transforms dental services from profit-based to people-based. Building on the passion for teaching and inspiring, Life Seed creates a community space where everyone is encouraged to unleash their creativity, get inspired, induce their desire to learn and share ideas.

According to Gusto’s research, the sense of belonging to a community helps companies retain 54% of employees. And care of the intangible, in turn, leads to tangible business results. As per Deloitte, 83% of executives consider employee engagement to be a critical factor in the company’s success.

The community of a modern company emphasizes shared professional growth, shared learnings, and shared passions to maintain company health. When accountability is organized around people and learning rather than critical performance markers there is even more success.

Life Seed helps in building a growth mindset, a space we can grow into and develop our learning collectively through empathy. Life Seed increases people’s knowledge through their own data feedback to expand their perspectives and seek out solutions. Problem solving in isolation fuels fears and compounds disconnections. Superior solutions come from positivity and feedback. Over time, behavior changes. Eventually, we are able to channel our respect for imperfection into a self-perpetuating system of groundbreaking trial, acceptable error, and noticeable optimization.

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