Gentle Dental Care

40% Growth in Revenue & Productivity

This office produces $1,500,000 annually by working 5 days per week and 50 weeks per year with a team of one dentist, one hygienist, two dental assistants and one front desk. After installing Life Seed, their annual production increased to $2,000,000.


  • Through Life Seed’s data and AI interface, the front desk employee learned the hourly production rate is affected by the type of procedures rather than by the number of patients seen daily. They then scheduled longer procedure-based appointments balanced with shorter non- productive appointments rather than just numerous short appointments.

    22% more profitable than rivals when strategically harnessing data.” – Capgemini Research Institute

  • The team began seeing less patients which freed up the employees to provide better customer care which immediately improved patient experiences.
  • The team implemented a wellness mindset by introducing procedures that address aging and wear instead of primarily focusing on bacterial induced dental problems, expanding the practices’ services.


48% Clientele Growth

This office produces $1,600,000 annually by working 4 days per week and 48 weeks per year with a team of one dentist, two hygienists, two dental assistants and two front desks. After installing Life Seed, the annual production increased to $2,176,000.


  • With the hiring of a new dental assistant in a busy dental office in a high-tech West-coast city, patients have been seated late the past three months. The office received 3 negative online reviews and numerous negative chats within the patient communities. The office started to notice a decrease in new patient influx.
  • Life Seed tracked seat time and assisted the team in creating strategies to reach on-time seating for all patients, improving the patient experience.
  • Life Seed on-boarding tools trained the new dental assistant to use data informed decision making and to set higher goals for how the office was run.

  • Life Seed assisted the whole team to increase hygiene reappointment and case acceptance rates, thus increasing overall production.

    A 5% bump in customer retention results in a profitability increase of 75%.” – Bain & Co.

    Existing clients spend 2x more.” – McKinsey & Co.

Lehman Dentistry

44% Overhead Costs Reduction

This office produces $2,400,000 annually by working 5 days per week and 52 weeks per year with a team of three dentists, two hygienists, three dental assistants and three front desks. After installing Life Seed, they reduced annual costs by $429,000.


  • A new hygienist was hired six months ago. Life Seed helped on-board the new hygienist optimizing their patient reappointment rate. With encouragement and coaching they were able to maintain the same case acceptance rate as their colleagues.

    For a dental hygienist making $60,000 a year, companies average $30,000 to $45,000 in recruiting and training expenses.” – Dentistry IQ, March 19th, 2016

  • Life Seed reminded the front office daily to collect account balances; thus, decreasing their account receivables from $85,000 to $10,000 as well as saving administrative and postage costs.

  • The office didn’t need to hire an office manager when they chose to resign. With systems that eliminate numerous staff decision making, the team has gained autonomy and ability to use Life Seed data to support intelligent growth. The staff overhead went from $410,000 to $290,000.

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