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Employee, Practice Owner

Core Value

Employee: Automates a large number of redundant front office, insurance and financial tasks accurately and daily.

Practice Owner: On-demand expert insurance and financial services to address staff shortage, lack of expertise and training.

Main Affordance

Life Seed performs redundant essential tasks by applying financial and insurance field knowledge to decrease errors and optimize time usage. It provides real time insights eliciting timely actions and data patterns monitoring with selected filters to single out anomalies. Life Seed delivers critical insurance knowledge and builds an intuitive, asynchronous communication to clients.

Front office, dental assistants, hygienists and dentists are motivated to provide great patient experiences efficiently and effectively when caring for patients—with patient retention and referrals in mind. Staff often get frustrated because they lack support, knowledge, training, communication and systems leading to stress, dissatisfaction and burnout which lead to poor patient experiences.

Customers want to enjoy access to fast, frictionless experiences. “Since four in 10 customers say they will turn to competitors if they have just one bad experience with a brand, getting this right is critical to deliver personalized experiences and reduce risk at every turn.” – Klarna
It is difficult to communicate the right information at the right time, at the right amount, in the right context and for each patient with their individual needs—especially with time and tool constraints.

Miscommunications are frustrating and emotional as they cause discord, mistakes and irreversible damages resulting in perceived incompetency, unorganized office environment, emotional distress and ultimately a poor patient experience.

Systems and processes are not always top-of-mind in a busy small-business. Yet systemization saves time, money, and in many cases, your reputation. I’ve heard countless entrepreneurs say they don’t have the time to document. The lack of time is likely caused by the fact that we all constantly recreate the wheel and office employees fly by the seat of their pants. Additionally, a lack of systems and processes slows training as we on-board new employees.

Studies indicate that 73% of consumers love a brand because of helpful customer service. The front office staff will have more time and energy to offer improved customer service when they are not tied up researching individual insurance and processing redundant billing and other financial work.

Humans don’t perform consistently with monotonous and repetitive tasks, especially when the work environment is customer oriented with expected interruptions. Life Seed performs systematic tasks with accuracy which will save money, time and your company’s reputation.

Improvement of productivity and patient experience requires insurance knowledge. There are a myriad of insurances in the market with their own rules and specific exceptions depending on plans and employers. Not knowing what is covered, at what percentage, at which frequency, at what age and at what maximum can decrease insurance compensation, translating into decreased and uncollectible revenue. Meanwhile, the patient experiences inconsistent treatment plans, incorrect copay expectations and unexpected bills. In a very tight labor market with a high turn-over rate, staff can cause attrition in production, quality and growth through performance mistakes, lack of
knowledge and inexperience.

The revenue of long-term patient retention is in the thousands. Life Seed reminds the front office daily, the right amount and type of patient information, at the right time, for the right procedures. Life Seed also provides consistent training for complex scenarios present in the real day-to-day work environment. Life Seed provides reiteration of essential information in a specific, easy and relevant way at a glance to achieve staff competency consistently. By doing so, it will train and help the staff to reach efficiency and effectiveness. The data is useless if it is stored and requires the user to retrieve, read and decide on its relevance and application. Avoiding frustration,
bad reviews, noncollectable copays, courtesy write offs and patient loss can save thousands of dollars.

Life Seed improves the quality and the timing of the information but it also saves time and energy. This consolidated at-a-glance information removes morning patient chart reviews and evening documentation that most coaching firms request for analyses. Life Seed automates the process providing quality without impeding the flow of service.

As a Practice Owner, free up your schedule with more time contemplating how higher-level thinking and the development of systems and processes in your office would benefit your company!

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